Validation of antibodies

Histones and their numerous post-translational modifications (PTMs) are fundamental to the process of cell-fate decision making and organismal development. Consistent with this, studies have shown that both histone mutations and PTM misregulations contribute to the initiation and progression of a wide number of human diseases, including cancer and neurological disorders. Histone modifications function in part as docking sites for effector proteins harboring specialized, evolutionarily conserved domains that “read” the single or combinatorial modification states of histones.

Access to high-quality antibodies is a necessity for the study of histones and the related epigenetic diseases. However, recent studies have made some surprising and alarming observations regarding the behavior of histone PTM antibodies, including off-target recognition, strong influence by neighboring PTMs, and certain inability to distinguish the modification state on a particular residue (e.g., mono-, di-, or tri-methyl lysine).

By means of mass spectrometry, we are the ideal partner to validate the target specificity of any antibody. Due to our long-standing expertise in the field of epigenetics, we are able to offer different assays to measure antibody performance.
Our service offers a perfect solution to improve antibody quality and thereby avoids any misinformed conclusions regarding the location and function of the histone PTMs being queried.

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