Epi-proteomic testing

Easy, intuitive and personalized to you

Non invasive testing

From MOLEQLAR Analytics you receive a test kit that enables you to collect non-invasively cells from your inner cheek.

Upon sample collection, you send your sample with a prepaid envelope to one of our laboratories for molecular analysis.

Molecular analysis

The analysis is performed with standardized and automated procedures to ensure highest quality and efficiency of the molecular analysis.

With MOLEQLAR Analytics you benefit from the expertise of biochemists and bioinformaticians to handle your samples. We have ample experience in the analysis of epi-proteomic profiles by means of mass spectrometry.

Visual report with individual recommendations

You obtain your results not only as tables or numbers, but as visualizations that speed the interpretation of your molecular data. Moreover, our report provides you with individual recommendations on how to improve in terms of sports and nutrition.

Pricing & Time

Contact us via info@moleqlaranalytics.com for information about prices and turnaround times.