Sample characterization and differential analyis

Each sample in your analysis can be different and can contain different components that are unknown to you. Moreover, source origin can lead to specific protein complex formations or catalytic activities that eventually change the epigenetic code in such a way that it has functional outcomes. Additionally, it could be interesting to follow specific reactions in a time-dependent manner to understand the establishment of histone modifications or the interplay of proteins in terms of minutes, hours or even days.

For all of the above-mentioned questions, we can offer a reliable, quick and accurate answer. By means of mass spectrometry, we are able to measure protein abundances from different sources and quantify them relatively or even absolutely. We can also detect histone modifications and follow their fate over time to understand their dynamics in a given cell or tissue. Furthermore, we are able to analyze the stoichiometry of protein complexes to understand their full composition.

We would be happy to discuss possible projects with you and adjust our analysis and reporting to your needs. We can provide many years of expertise in the field of epigenetics and we are eager to share this with you for optimal results!